Quality management

Working in the domain of mining, construction materials and construction and being engaged in all the production phases Shen Holding realizes the importance of continuous supervision over the quality of work and its results and does its best for organizing effective quality assurance.
The Company has developed and maintained precise quality assurance and management procedures at all the production phases, and is continuously governed by domestic and international standards and by its own values.

gitakan motecum SITEScientific approach
Shen Holding regularly conducts large-scale research to find and apply new environmental solutions in the construction sphere. We find it extremely important to offer the client not only suitable services at possibly optimal prices but also safe and environmentally friendly goods. That is why the Company’s regularly conducted research has been aimed at checking the safety of used material and its compliance with international standards, and finding new approaches to optimization of new materials and obtained results.

voraki karavarum siteEnvironmentally clean production

The entire production chain from mining to manufacturing construction material and its application in interior furnishing is permanently controlled by our specialists to ensure the compliance of every phase with environmental safety requirements.
The equipment used by our Company meets international standards and is regularly monitored by the experts from international organizations.
Cooperation with the world’s leading suppliers enables us to use the safest additives and to offer the consumer high-quality products.
According to the quality supervision and management procedure adopted by the company, any commodity, before placement on the consumer market, is tested and compliance with the Company’s quality criteria must be confirmed.

an@ndmej zargacumContinuous development
Shen Holding employees regularly participate in trainings, international exhibits and forums and apply their knowledge in their work.
Owing to the high professionalism of Shen Holding specialists, we not only apply international, especially, German technology, but we actually improve it, both in terms of construction material output and its application; we also design and manufacture new goods.
As a major Armenian producer, Shen Holding is totally aware of its indebtedness to the Armenian public at large, economy and nature. We believe the Company’s stable development shall be abreast with the best global trends in this domain, including nature conservation projects.
In our day-to-day operations we examine, survey, develop and integrate new technologies, management upgrades, environmentally friendly products, new quality criteria, etc. into our working procedures.