”Shen Holding” raised production of gypsonit by 40% over the year

”Shen Holding”, a large Armenian producer of construction materials, has increased production of gypsonit by 40% over the year, ”Shen Holding” press-service told ArmInfo. In the current construction season, the company manufactured 16 thousand tons of gypsonit versus 11.5 thousand tons for the previous construction season.

”Shen Holding” launched production of gypsonit in November 2009. The product is predominantly sold in the local market. In the beginning of 2013, the company began exporting gypsonit to the Georgian market.

”Shen Holding” specialists say the gypsonit manufactured at the company has many advantages. Particularly, gypsonit absorbs excess moisture from the air and creates comfortable microclimate in premises.  Due to its high macro porosity, gypsonit increases thermal protection of premises, which, in turn, reduces consumption of thermal energy.

“Fine spread of this finishing material provides perfectly smooth surface. Unlike its analogues, when diluted with water, gypsonit obtains stable consistency good finishing for a long period of time,” say specialists of Shen Holding.  ”Shen Holding” specializes in producing and selling construction materials, including paints, varnishes, concrete blocks, mixed concrete, paving slabs.

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